Repair Services

STS specializes in on-site repair of multistage centrifugal air & gas blowers and exhausters. Manufacturers include: Lamson, Hoffman, Gardner-Denver, Hibon, Spencer, Continental, Ross Cook, and National Turbine. We provide solutions with local, national, and global service.

BAD BEARING IN A MOTOR? It is not necessary to hire an electrician to disconnect the motor leads, uncouple the shaft, remove the motor, and transport it to repair shop. Let us replace one, or both, bearings in the motor right there on the motor pedestal! We can then accurately re-align the shafts with our Optalign Laser Alignment System!

While we're at it, we can inspect the coupling, replace worn components, & replace the bearings in the blower, too!

Then the complete drive train has all new bearings, is in accurate alignment, and ready to give you 8-10 more years of trouble-free operation!

BLOWER SEIZED UP? Send your motor/blower unit to our shop in Syracuse. We can assess the extent of damages and provide an estimate for repair. As the former National Service Manager of the now defunct, Lamson Corporation, we have over 15 years of experience with all types of air & gas blowers & exhausters.Call now for a free estimate!

OPERATOR TRAINING specially designed for your mechanic/operators in the disassembly, repair, and troubleshooting, so they will be better able to make any future repairs & re-assembly of their multi-stage centrifugal air & gas blowers/exhausters.