Laser Shaft Alignment

We offer solutions. Reduce seal & bearing failures by aligning the shafts(couplings) of your rotating equipment using the latest in Laser Alignment Technology.

"We had pump failures almost every month. Bearings, couplings, and seal failures were the usual problems. Since Bill started doing our pump alignments our failures have decreased dramatically. Laser alignment has prevented costly equipment failures and emergency breakdowns. The only downside is we don't use Bill as often as in the past. I attribute this to the high quality work Bill as done here."

— Mike Kachuba, Ancram Paper Mill


Accurate shaft alignment saves $$$!! Aligning the shafts (coupling) of rotating equipment reduces the load, measured in amperage, on motors. Savings of $2000-$3000 per year have been documented.

The life of your equipment, including the couplings, bearings, motors, etc… is extended by Laser Shaft Alignment. And that translates to $$ savings everyday!!